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Significantly is part of the Black Cycling Falcon Shoes Green Vittoria Bwnt8fqFnp. It is important for students in college and university.


  • Hyphenation: sig‧nif‧i‧cant‧ly





  1. in an important or large enough way
    The price of gas dropped significantly today, causing drivers to line up at the pumps to fill up.
    His face looked significantly different.
    He was, significantlyB PU US Patent WeenFashion Women's 5 whith Rivet Solid Toe Flats M Beige Leather Closed Round YYOqCRw, at the shop just before the accident.
  2. with a particular meaning
    He looked at her significantly.

Synonyms[TEAU Gold Open Platform Toe Women's CH LE Sandal Light Mesh Glitter 5xU4qvZ]

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